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    –––Looking for Work?

    If you鸿运彩app在哪下载'd like more information about working for Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in and our partners, please contact our Human Resources Department by calling 867-993-7100 ext. 112 or by .

    If you鸿运彩app在哪下载'd like more information about contracting, please contact our Housing Department by calling 867-993-7100 ext. 119 or by .


    Employment Opportunities

    TH Government



    Community Health Representatice  -- February 14, 2020

    Social Policy Advisor -- February 19, 2020

    Men's Shelter Worker -- February 7. 2020

    Heritage Officer -- February 4, 2020

    Administrative Assistant -- until filled

    Youth After School Leader -- until filled

    After School Tutor-- until filled

    Hän Language Administrator -- until filled 

    Maintenance Technician -- until filled

    Exhibition Assistant Intern 



    Land Stewardship Framework Support Workers

    Elders' Support Worker

    Men's Shelter Worker

    Youth Support Worker

    Youth Activity Leader

    General Labourer


    Council Administration Assistant

    Minute Taker

    Early Childhood Educator

    鸿运彩app在哪下载 Support



    Cook's Helper


    Requests For Proposals


    Natural Resources Land Data Management System

    Creation of an Information Management System for Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in --DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL OCTOBER 31, 2019

    Invitation to Tender


    Invitation to Tender
    Tr’inke Zho Janitorial



    Expressions of Interest

    Please check back later.

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